MapBiomas Pampa Trinational is an annual land cover and land use monitoring initiative in order to understand the transformation processes occurring in temperate and subtropical grasslands of southern Brazil, Uruguay and central western Argentina. It involves governmental and non-governmental, academic and research institutions from Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.


  • Agricultural Technology Institute, Argentina.
  • Wildlife Foundation, Argentina
  • National University of San Luis, Argentina
  • Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 
  • GeoKarten, Brazil
  • Agronomy College - University of the Republic, Uruguay
  • Sciences College - University of the Republic, Uruguay
  • National Institute of Agricultural Research, Uruguay
  • Ministry of Environment, Uruguay

Coordination by country:

  • Argentina - National Institute of Agricultural Technology 
  • Brazil - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Uruguay - University of the Republic

Technical Collaboration:

  • MapBiomas Brazil

Technology Collaboration:

  • Google
  • EcoStage


  • Provided through MapBiomas Network 
  • MapBiomas Network Funders include:
    • Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)
    • Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA)
    • Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC)
    • Good Energies Foundation
    • Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
    • Iniciativa Internacional de Clima e Florestas da Noruega (NICFI)
    • Instituto Arapyaú
    • Instituto Clima e Sociedade (ICS)
    • Instituto Humanize
    • OAK Foundation
    • Quadrature Climate Foundation (QCF)
    • Walmart Foundation (USA)
    • Wellspring Philanthropic Fund (WPC)

Technical Coordination: 

  • Diego de Abelleyra (INTA)
  • Eduardo Vélez (GeoKarten)
  • Santiago Baeza (UDELAR) 

Technological Coordination

  • Juliano Schirmbeck (GeoKarten)


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